Healing Dance Therapy

Imagine Starting Your Day Feeling Excited, Enthusiastic, Happy and Joyful With a Beautiful Dance Meditation!


Dance helps develop muscles, tone the body, burns fat, lose weight, increase heart rate, improve blood circulation, create balance and promote good health.


Our body is a temple and dance is worship to our body. When we allow ourselves to move from the inside out we dance our prayers and we move naturally into healing.


The universe will bend over its back to manifest your desires when you choose to play and have fun instead of control and work hard on what you want to manifest.

Don't Beat Yourself Up To Gym,
Lose Weight While Having Fun!


Dance helps keep the body conditioned and heightens your  ability to perform other physical activities. Rather than beating yourself up to the gym, do something that you love to do.


The more we are playful in life, the easier it is for us to release the resistance of our mind and easier for the universe to shower the blessings upon us and easier for us to manifest our dreams.


Your home contains your energy and when you and your family members dance at your home it shifts the vibrations of your home.


The most essential component of healing dance is the inner world of the dancer which is your spirit you bring to the dance that is the source of your own healing.


Dance helps you let go of all negative emotions such as anger, frustration, worry and replaces it with positive emotions such as happiness, love and joy.


Bring in your children, spouse, parents, everyone living with you in your house at no additional charges! Singing and dancing with our family members binds us together.

Nurture Fitness By Loving Your Body,
Not By Torturing Your Body

Emotional Guidance Scale


"The law of attraction states that you will attract into your life, your dominant vibration" - Jack Canfield

Your dominant vibration comes from your feelings. If you saw the film "The Secret", you saw this explained in great detail.

"The higher you are on this emotional guidance scale, the faster you will manifest your desires" - Abraham Hicks

While dancing, you’re feeling excited, enthusiastic, passionate, happy, joyful, loving, appreciative, abundant, and peaceful placing yourself at #1 position on the Emotional Guidance Scale.



Classes are scheduled 5 days a week (Mon-Fri), each class is for 30 mins.

Pricing: $49/month

Special Family Bonus: Join your children, partner, parents and all your other family members living with you at no additional cost.

Classes are taken online through Zoom app. Please install and download the app on your computer from www.zoom.us.

Pick a Batch from the schedule below.

Batch 1: Monday to Friday - 6:00 AM PDT

Batch 2: Monday to Friday - 6:00 AM EST

Batch 3: Monday to Friday - 6:00 AM GMT

Batch 4: Monday to Friday - 6:00 PM PDT

If these timings don’t work for you, just contact us and let us know your ideal time and we can create new time slots.

About Us

Vishnupriya Aristo is a professional Indian classical dancer with more than 20 years of dancing experience. She has performed in various stages across the world and has been teaching dance online and in-person. Indian classical dance is rather a complicated set of movements which can be performed to its standard only when learnt from a very young age along with years and years of training which made her believe that dance can be performed only by skilled artists who are born to dance with specific set of face and body features.

When she became a Hypnotherapist she came to understand the healing power of dance and got to learn that dance should be a normal part of life for all humans with no discrimation of skillset or body features. She began her research on various dance forms and created her own style of dance which can be performed by everyone regardless of age, gender and nationality. 

Further when she learnt the power of dance to manifest our desires, she took the next leap and ditched the old paradigm, “No Pain, No Gain” and created a new one for herself, “More Fun, More Success.” Rather than sticking to the strict set of rules found in most of the dance forms, her style of dance is freestyle with no rules and no judgements. If you enjoy your dance, your spirit loves it and that is all there is to dance.

Contact Us

Please email us if you have any questions or feedback. All messages will be replied within 24 hours. 

For instant replies, message us through our Facebook page – fb.me/healingdancetherapy

Email us: [email protected]

Address: 500 Westover Dr #13338 Sanford, NC 27330

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